2018-12-14 - Cinnamon, Deepin, QT5, Systemd, KDE-Apps, KDE-Framework, Mesa [Unstable Update]


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2018-12-14 - Cinnamon, Deepin, QT5, Systemd, KDE-Apps, KDE-Framework, Mesa [Unstable Update]


#1 Beitrag von manjarofan » Freitag 14. Dezember 2018, 21:47

Hi community,

Welcome to another unstable update.
So what do we have with this one?

Deepin and Cinnamon updates
We updated QT5 to 5.12 LTS; please tell us if some is still broken
Systemd is still at 239.303, which broke some systems - still
KDE Frameworks are at 5.53.0 2
KDE Apps are at 18.12.0 2
Mesa got updated to 18.3.1 1
all the regular haskell, php and python updates

We hope with all these changes Manjaro to be more efficient for you all.

Manjaro v18.0.1 RC1 released!

If you are curious about the latest Manjaro-Illyria 18.0.1 release, you now have the opportunity to download XFCE Edition with the latest 4.13 packages, aswell as our most recent styling efforts. Our KDE fans may try our KDE Edition 1 with the latest KDE v5.14 instead. And our GNOME fans may try our Gnome Edition with the latest GNOME v3.30.

Current supported Kernels

linux316 3.16.61
linux318 3.18.128 [EOL]
linux44 4.4.166
linux49 4.9.144
linux414 4.14.87
linux417 4.17.19 [EOL]
linux418 4.18.20 [EOL]
linux419 4.19.8
linux414-rt 4.14.78_rt47
linux416-rt 4.16.18_rt11
linux418-rt 4.18.16_rt9

Sync Package Updates (Fri Dec 14 19:56:14 CET 2018)

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